Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sharepoint 2010 Orphaned Workflows

Orphaned workflows are workflow tasks and those associated items which have been deleted but sharepoint still keeps a tally of the number of workflow instances running.
i remember in MOSS 2007 that we had to write a script in order to remove Orphaned workflows  ....
Not anymore and SharePoint 2010 has made it so much easier ....
In order for the orphaned workflows to be deleted all that is needed to be done is to EMPTY the Recycle bins at the SITE level and then at the SITE COLLECTION level.
and presto ... the orphaned workflows have been removed.



  1. Hi there,
    We have an occurance of an orphaned task that continues to send out reminder emails to the user. I've removed everything from both the site and site collection recycle bins. But the tasks still displays on his "My tasks".

    Not only that, the document that the task pertains to continues to come back on a search. Of course, when I try to access the document in question, I get a SharePoint error saying that the document doesn't exist. Any clues as to what to do next?


  2. if the task is still displaying ...cant you just delete it.
    have u tried deleting the task through outlook when you get the notification email.

  3. Deleted the workflows from the user recycle bin and also the site collection recycle bin and all Workflow Status fields are still there. This didn't work for me!

  4. Does not work for me, although I started the timer jobs for cleaning the workflows on Web Application level.